Public Policy

Legislation to Improve School-Based Health Care in Maine

LD 862, An Act To Improve Health Care for Maine Children through the Expansion of School-based Health Care Centers


Maines School-Based Health Centers, help children succeed in school and in life by keeping them healthy, in school and ready to learn.  We deliver quality health care to Maine children and adolescents where they are, in school.  With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and identifying illness early, we help prevent more serious illness later on.  We make health care available to many children who otherwise would not receive care.


What will LD 862 do? 

·        It will nearly double the amount of state funding for School-Based Health Centers

·        It will provide support for school health centers in up to 5 new communities.


Why is LD 862 important?

·        More children need the services of School-Based Health Centers.  Currently only about 6% of Maine’s school children have access to a school health center.


What will happen if LD 862 does not pass?

·        Thousands of Maine children will not have access to health care who otherwise will

·        These children, with unmet health needs, will not have the same chance to succeed in school and in life

Why School-Based Health Centers? 


·        Give children a chance to stay healthy, have equal chance to succeed in school

·        Provide health care to children who otherwise would not get care

·        Care for children where they are, in school

·        Address issues early with healthy lifestyle promotion and identifying health issues early, before they become big problems (smart investment issue especially strong in Maine)

·        Disaster support – school-based health centers are a first line of defense and a valuable resource to the community.