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Students in Crisis: National Polling Data Show Majority of Voters Favor School-Based Health Centers
Maine and National Polling Data show strong support for school-based health centers.

Legislation to Improve School-Based Health Care in Maine
LD 862 will provide better access to health care for thousands of Maine students, allowing school-based health centers to expand services and open in new communities.

Support for School-Based Health Care in Maine
Organizations throughout Maine are expressing their support for School-Based Healthcare to Improve Children's Success

Maine SBHCs - Sound Investment in Health & Education
School Based Health Centers effectively promote good health, cut unnecessary health utilization and reduce barriers to academic success.

Model Budget for a School Based Health Care Center
The assumptions and variable built into this model will not correspond to any particular SBHC but it provided here as a model for types of expenses, costs and revenue that could be expected. This is available in Excel format for use in customizing for a specific situation.

Organizing School Based Health Centers: Opportunity for Community Health Centers
How does HRSA do SBHCs? How does Maine do SBHCs? Who is sponsoring the SBHCs in Maine currently? What is the purpose of a SBHC? What are some characteristics of good SBHCs?

SBHCs and Academic Outcomes
Influence of School-Based Health Centers on factors related to academic outcome and success in school.
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The Center for Health & Health Care in Schools
The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) is a nonpartisan policy and program resource center located at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. Includes resources for assessment, planning, advocacy, operations and other theoretical and practical issues regarding school health and school-based health centers.
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