DUI Law In Arizona

What is the most common penalty for DUI? What would happen if you have more than one DUI or DWI convictions? Are these some major concerns for whom you are looking for the answers? If so, then you have entered the right platform that will provide the gist of every concern that is revolving around your head regarding the DUI law in Arizona.

Are you excited? If so, then let’s delve inside the following segments one after another.

What Is DUI / DWI Law?

Well, DUI is known as Driving Under the Influence whereas DWI states Driving While Intoxicated.

So, the law basically represents the state’s municipal ordinances in which it is made illegal to drive a vehicle after consuming and under the influence of alcohol.

As already considered these cases as criminal in nature, likewise it can include the civil penalties which further includes the suspension of the driving advantages. 

Basically the DUIs are considered under the state level or state law. But the drivers could also be charged by the federal government if they are driving to the federal property consisting of the forests, federal building, attached parking lots, national parks, monuments, military bases and many more. 

Moreover, for the military attendants too, the same law exists where if they are found guilty under drink and drive, they would be charged with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

What States Have DUI Laws?

There are many states in the world who have DUI laws for decreasing the number of traffic violations, security of the citizen and to punish the one for committing the crime under drink and drive.

The legal drinking age varies from country to country. Hence, it is always recommended considering the legal age for drinking to ignore the penalties for the same.

Now, let’s shed light on the different states with DUI law. For that, consider the following table.

States that have DUI Laws
Alabama Arkansas Arizona Alaska California Connecticut 
ColoradoDistrict of Columbia DelawareFlorida Georgia Hawaii 
Idaho Indiana IllinoisIowa Kentucky Kansas 
Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota 
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire 
New Jersey New Mexico New YorkNorth Carolina North DakotaOhio 
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode IslandSouth California South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington 
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming 

What Are The Possible Consequences For DUI In Arizona?

There are various possible consequences or penalties in different states that can be imposed on an individual who is found guilty under DUI laws. 

So now, without wasting a single minute let’s dive in to check the consequences for violating the DUI law. This includes the following.

Prison or Jail Time

In many states, for the first offense DUI,  the person would not get a longer duration of the imprisonment as it would be considered a misdemeanor.

Whereas, most of the jurisdictions have set the time period of 1 or 2 days as a minimum amount of jail, if you are found guilty, whereas the maximum is that of 6 months.

Costs or Fines

DUI can act expensive for you. The fines range from state to state and the time of offense being conducted. 

Likewise, the driver would have to install the IID, i.e., Ignition Interlock Device in the dashboard of the car. 

He will have to blow in the unit and if the BAC is more than the certain level, he would be unable to start the car.

Revocation or the Suspension of the License

There is always a possibility in every state that the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend the license.

The length of suspension varies from state to state. Whereas, the common suspension tenure is of 90 days.

When You May Need a DUI Attorney?

The impaired or drunk driving is hazardous to many individuals out there on the roads. Hence, it is considered to be a serious offense by the courts of many states. Likewise, the risks of the DUI cases are simply higher.

The one who would be found guilty will have to lose the driver’s license for some specific tenure. Along with that the fine with a hefty amount will be paid. The worst part is that the convicted can also be kept behind the bars. This is done when the offense is repeated. 

Moreover, if the DUI lawyer becomes incapable of swaying the accuser to drop the case, in that scenario, he or she can lessen down the sentence or also can offer for the softer landing.

Are you interested in knowing the DUI rules? If so, then it is important to understand that basically in California, there are three main levels of DUI charges. Curious to know the same? So, this includes the following.

  • Infraction
  • The infraction is said to be the lightest level of DUI. 
  • It is basically charged on the individual who is under the legal limit of age, i.e., 21 years and also has the BAC under .05.
  • So, they will be charged under BAC .05.
  • The BAC in infraction can range from .05 and .07.
  • Misdemeanor
  • The misdemeanor is charged to the people with the BAC at .08.
  • The one would be charged as a regular DUI under misdemeanor.
  • Simply mentioned, the misdemeanor is charged to the individual if he has a blood alcohol level at or over .08.
  • Felony 
  • The person can be charged as a felony if an intense injury is found. 
  • These severe injuries include broken bones, fractures, neck injuries, major cuts, or concussions.
  • Moreover, the drivers would face felony charges if within 10 years they have 4 DUIs.

Let’s Recapitulate

The DUI law has been created in the states for maintaining the decorum while driving the vehicles on the road.

For the drivers and other people on the road, the law acts beneficial and if found guilty there would be some penalties that will be more expensive for the drivers.

Therefore, it is important to understand the DUI law or DWI law to stay vigilant.